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Refining the lintian on Debian

Posted by Eriberto on maio 9, 2013 in Debian, Linux, Sistema Operacional |

Lintian is a system that checks the Debian Policy when debhelper is building a package in Debian.

Lintian has several verification levels. By default, some are used. However, you can refine it via config file. It’s a common error to use the default setting and submit packages with hidden problems to mentors.

To activate all checks in lintian, edit the /etc/lintianrc and enable the following lines:

display-info = yes
pedantic = yes
display-experimental = yes

Be happy with lintian and mentors now!!!

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Joao Vanzuita
maio 3, 2015 at 10:38 pm

very useful ! thanks.



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